Oil free Chicken

*Oil Free Chicken & Veg Filling for Samosas*
Recipe credit @Saberah Koya
• 500 grms chicken mince
• 3 medium cubed onions
• 3 medium sliced red onions
• 3 medium carrots grated
• 2 medium potatoes grated
• 1 n 1/2 large red peppers diced finely
• 2 ‘t’ cups grated or finely chopped cabbage
• 1 ‘t’ cup grated or finely chopped red cabbage
• Salt to taste
• Green chillies to taste
• 2 Tblspns ginger paste
• 1 Tblspn garlic paste
• 2 tspn whole jeeru
• 1 tspn arad/turmeric powder
• 1 tspn jeeru powder
• 2 Tblspns dhana/coriander powder
• 1 Tblspn anardana/pomegranate powder (gives slight tang) – can omit – optional
• 1 tspn garam masala powder
• 9 spring onions chopped fine
• Half bunch fresh green dhana/coriander cut fine
•Half a tea cup fresh mint leaves chopped fine
*1.* In a non stick wok braise washed mince with whole jeeru, arad/turmeric, 1 Tblspn ginger, 1/2 Tblspn garlic, salt and green chillies for 10 minutes.
*2.* Add diced red peppers and cook till slightly wilted, stirring n breaking any lumps in the mince. 
*3.* Add the onion and cook till transparent n fairly dry mixture.
*4.* Add the red onions and braise for 5-7 mins.
*5.* In another pot, boil the grated potato for 7 mins, drain n keep aside.
*6.* In another wok, braise carrots with half Tblspn ginger, quarter Tblspn garlic, half tspn salt n half tspn green chillie paste, till half cooked.
*7.* Add cabbage n braise till both cooked.
*8* Add the drained potatoe, mix n braise for 3-4 minutes.
*9.* Braise the red cabbage separately in another non stick frypan with quarter Tbspn garlic and half Tblspn ginger till done.
*10.* Add all mixtures to chicken mixture and mix well.
*11.* Add dhana, jeeru n pomegranate powders and braise for 5 minutes, stirring constantly.
*12.* Remove from cooker, add garam masala, mix and adjust all the spices to taste.
*13.* Let mixture completely cool down, add all the chopped greens and mix well.
Enjoy 🌺

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